I’m a full-stack softare engineer with a broad skillset.

I believe that the power of computers originates from humans, and as such our approach to programming them needs to be entirely human centered.

I’ve worked for ~5 years programming a variety of systems, from embedded to React, as well as backend, and everything in between, with a fix of data processing & analysis.

I graduated from McGill with a BSc. in Software Engineering and currently live in Montréal, Canada.


A smattering of my past projects can be found here.


I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Outschool, a marketplace for live online classes for children. Outschool hosts really interesting classes from inspiring educators.

My job is full-stack: eg tweaking the Node.js backend, writing CSS grid frontends, tweaking the Apollo GraphQL API, or optimizing Postgres queries. If that sounds interesting, check out our careers page!

(Fun fact: I wrote the current version of that page!)

The best way to reach me is by email at amedee.daboville@gmail.com.