This is an incomplete list of a few projects I’ve worked on, in semi-chronological order.

Over the years I’ve worked with java, scala, python, scikit-learn, C, and matlab. I’ve also played with rails, django, clojure and haskell.

I’m currently learning Elixir and Phoenix.


Elixon is a Phoenix port of It’s currently under heavy construction.


Two people wearing the interaxon muse Fealines was a cross-platform app for collecting EEG data for people who own the Interaxon Muse.


Four screenshots of the pocketsangha application I made an app for meditators to talk to each other and I showed the prototype at Mind and Life 2014. There is a poster with more information at



A picture of flowers filtered through the voronoify filter

My first ‘open-source’ project. I had this idea for an image filter based on the voronoi transform. It picks random points on an image. Then, for each pixel in my new image, I color it the same color as the nearest point.


Clover Hashpan

I submitted an entry to a programming contest where the goal was to crack a bunch of SHA1s of fake credit card numbers. I wanted to use rainbow tables, and there is already a library to generate them(rainbowCrack), however it it didn’t support the rules that I wanted so I made several modifications to the C++ code. I also managed to halve the space I needed, which was nice as the tables were huge (10GB).


Spire 2014

I worked at Spire right before their launch in 2014. I helped benchmark some data analysis algorithms, and implement a few inference algorithms.

Transcriptic 2013

I was an intern at Transcriptic a year after it started. I helped program thermocycler drivers in Scala.


My first hardware/software project; I had plans to put an accelerometer on a rowing boat to measure my rowing prowess. I bought a teensy board and an accelerometer off of Sparkfun